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Calorie Diet

800 Calorie Diet. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension health problems that affect millions of people. The basis of these problems is the unnecessary extra weight carried in the body.

There are many strategies, many diet plans to lose weight. one of them 800 calorie diet Truck. It can help to lose weight and reverse diseases such as type 2 diabetes and lower high blood pressure. 

It belongs to the category of very low calorie diets. While this type of diet has some benefits, it can also have many unwanted side effects.

What is Calorie Diet ?

“Does 800 calories per day make you lose weight”, “How many kilos can be lost by eating 800 calories a day”, “800 calorie diet list per day” Information about the subject will be included.

800 calorie diet is a very low calorie diet in which a total of 800 calories per day is allowed. It helps with weight loss, reverses type 2 diabetes and lowers high blood pressure.

800 calorie diet plan menu

Three days a week for a month below. Let’s talk about the effects of the application. 

2 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds

Oatmeal with half an apple, strawberries and 4 almonds added

2 boiled egg whites + 1 cup milk

+ half a cup of peaches

A cup of chicken soup

A cup of sautéed vegetables

85 g salmon and 1 glass of boiled vegetables

1 cup of dried beans and sautéed vegetables

Fenugreek seeds juice is effective in increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is also very effective in weight loss. 

Have a rich breakfast with dietary fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. Make your lunch as light and nutritious as possible.

Green tea has no calories and is a good source of antioxidants to help flush out toxins from the body. Have a delicious dinner that is nutritious but low in calories.

800 Calorie Diet

2 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds

Cabbage and pomegranate smoothie + 2 almonds

A cup of quinoa vegetables

tomato and a slice of cheese

One baked bell pepper

1 bowl of grilled chicken breast with cooked vegetables

Almond It is a great source of healthy fats that reduce inflammation and maintain cellular health. A light but nutritious lunch will keep you active as you won’t feel heavy. 

Keep drinking fenugreek-soaked water to sensitize your cells to insulin. Cabbage, nar ve quinoa It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Therefore, you will not feel hungry for at least 2 hours. 

Green tea ve grapefruit It has properties that aid weight loss. Have a delicious and filling dinner with a good amount of protein.

800 Calorie Diet

A glass of skim milk + Half an apple

A glass of mushroom soup

Turkey with spinach and fresh tomatoes

A glass of zucchini soup

Sauteed chicken and vegetables

Limon It is rich in vitamin C, and honey provides antibacterial properties. Have a solid breakfast before going out. Healthy and nutritious lunches and dinners on the third day will help you eat fewer calories and prevent hunger pangs.

Hint: Do not go without water for three days. If you feel hungry, you can drink water and green tea.

800 Calorie Diet

Diet Plans Helps to lose weight

It activates metabolism and fat mobilization and reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome in overweight people.

Reduces the risk of disease

Losing weight helps reset normal biological functions and hormone actions. three days a week. It helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, digestive problems and infertility.

Provides energy

Following a low-calorie diet for several days, avoiding unhealthy foods, leads a healthy lifestyle and gives energy.

Reduces inflammation

Eating healthy, low-calorie meals a few days a week helps reduce inflammation. This reduces the likelihood of obesity due to inflammation.

Reduces sleep apnea

A very low-calorie diet aids weight loss. This reduces sleep apnea.

3 days a week for a month 800 calorie diet After doing this, you will lose weight, you will look slimmer, your metabolism will accelerate, you will feel more energetic and positive, and your stress level will decrease.

The new lifestyle that develops with the diet will lead to healthier habits.

Calorie Diet
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It falls under the category of very low calorie diet and is safe as long as it is done properly. But if you break the rule, it can cause some problems.

How many calories should i eat a day?

Women need 2000 calories a day to maintain their weight. To lose weight, women need to consume 1500 calories or less per day. 

However, those who are overweight or obese, which can cause life-threatening and damaging diseases to the body, can follow a very low-calorie diet in a controlled manner.

If you don’t have a problem like diabetes or hypertension and just want to lose weight, this is it. 800 calorie diet don’t. It’s just not very suitable for weight loss.

To lose weight in a healthy way intermittent fasting or 1200 calorie diet

You can do.

– Consult a doctor or dietitian before starting this diet plan.

– A sudden change in diet affects the body excessively. Do not strain the body, as reduced calorie intake can cause fatigue and diarrhea. Give the body some time to get used to the diet.

– You may feel nausea and fatigue.

– Do not follow this diet if you have hypoglycemia.

– Do not follow this diet if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This 3-calorie diet can be applied 800 days a week for a month.

Yes, you can lose weight by eating 800 calories three times a week. Do not apply every day as it will lead to weakness and weakening of immunity.

If you consume 800 calories and exercise regularly, you will lose up to 4,5 kg per month.


A very low calorie diet (VLCD) is a 500-800 calorie diet. A a liquid shake or smoothie is consumed in one or two of the meals. 

A very low calorie diet can help lose 1.5-2 kg per week. A study led by scientists at Newcastle University found that a very low-calorie diet can help reverse type 2 diabetes.

It can also help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol and protect the heart. But very low-calorie diets are not healthy for everyone.

A very low-calorie diet lowers blood sugar, detoxifies the body, improves insulin sensitivity, thus doubling weight loss in a short time. Very low calorie diets weaken as follows;

Lowers plasma glucose

Following a very low-calorie diet for a few days can help lower blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels are low, cells are less likely to store unused glucose as fat.

Increases insulin sensitivity

Improving insulin sensitivity can help cells take glucose from the bloodstream and use it as usable energy. This increases satiety, reduces food intake and promotes weight loss.

Decreases gluconeogenesis

Gluconeogenesis is the biochemical pathway that leads to the synthesis of glucose (sugar) from non-carbohydrate sources such as protein.

By reducing gluconeogenesis, the body will reduce the amount of sugar in the blood and prevent the accumulation of excess sugar in the form of fat.

A very low calorie diet, as the name suggests, requires a very low calorie intake. When fewer calories are consumed, the risk of excess calories being stored as fat is reduced. This leads to fat loss.

Detoxifies the body

On a very low-calorie diet, a liquid meal is consumed instead of a solid meal. The best part of this change is that liquid nutrition will detoxify the body by providing a powerful antioxidant.

These scavenge harmful oxygen radicals and lower stress levels in the body. This leads to weight loss.

Improves gut health

Eating one or two meals a day can help improve gut health. It cleanses the colon, improves digestion and absorption, and relieves constipation. When the intestines start to function normally, metabolism accelerates and excess calories are converted into energy.

A very low-calorie diet is not suitable for everyone. It should be applied under the control of a doctor and dietitian. People who can follow a very low calorie diet include:

– Those with a body mass index over 30.

– Those whose obesity condition threatens their life.

– Those who can no longer lose weight, that is, those who have reached the peak of weight loss.

Depending on the amount of fat you need to lose, the doctor may recommend a very low-calorie diet for 1-3 months to 4-12 weeks. 

NOTE: Be careful not to overdo it on a very low calorie diet. If the doctor recommends following a 2-day very low-calorie diet for 3 weeks, follow his instructions.

calorie diet

You can lose 1.5-2 kilos per week. If you stick to a healthy diet, regular exercise and a better lifestyle, you will lose about 4 pounds in 8 weeks. 

Reduces High Blood Pressure

A very low calorie diet with expert guidance can help lower high blood pressure.

Lowers LDL Cholesterol

Restricting calorie intake can help lower bad or LDL cholesterol levels. This improves heart health.

Helps Reverse Type II Diabetes

A very low calorie diet aids weight loss by lowering blood sugar levels. As a result, this leads to reversal of type II diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity.

It makes life easier

A very low calorie diet is for obese adults and adolescents. After following a very low-calorie diet for a while and losing fat, people feel healthier and better. Life gets better and daily tasks are done easier.

Improves Mental Health

Being overweight also harms mental health. A very low calorie diet helps people lose weight very quickly and increases their self-confidence.

Provides energy

Once you start losing fat, you will feel energized and be active throughout the day. This will also help to lose more weight.


– Nausea

– burnout

– Weakness

– Gallstones

– Constipation

– Diarrhea

– Hair loss

– Dry mouth

– Not enought feeding

– Pregnant and breastfeeding women

– children

– Men or women over 50

– Slightly overweight women/men who can lose weight by eating right and exercising

– Healthy people who want to lose weight without exercising or eating a healthy diet

Calorie Diet Results

THE 800 CALORIE DIET (the fast 800 diet) is a popular, fast weight loss diet plan that involves eating 800 calories a day. It’s for people who want to lose weight fast and want to be in a very high calorie deficit to achieve rapid weight loss.

This fast 800 diet review can also be applied for other low calorie diets, like the 600 calorie diet, 1000 calorie diet, and even the 1200 calorie diet. In today’s video I’m going to discuss why these extreme diets are NOT a smart move because of how unsustainable they are.

Eating 800 -1000 calories a day might sound like a good rapid weight loss diet and the best diet to lose weight fast….but most of the time…most people gain the weight back even faster then they lost it due to the extreme calorie restriction.

So if you’re searching for how to lose weight fast…..I give you 5 reasons as to why these low calorie diets are not a smart move in this video.

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