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ways to delay aging

Everyone wants to live a long and quality life. With this desire, they look for ways to delay aging. It is possible to delay aging by detecting harmful habits and getting rid of them. As the “High Heels” team, we have compiled ways to delay aging for you.

Ways to delay aging

Habits such as unhealthy diet, inactivity, smoking, and alcohol reduce your quality of life and accelerate aging. If you get rid of these habits, you can reverse the situation. Get healthy skin and a healthy body with the changes you can easily make in your daily routine!

Be careful not to consume sugar! Ways to delay ageing

Sugar causes obesity along with weight gain and causes many health problems. It also accelerates skin aging by damaging collagen, which keeps the skin young and healthy. By staying away from sugar, you can delay sugar-related aging.

Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes! Ways to agedness

Smoking is a bad habit that delays aging as well as its damage to health. With the smoke from cigarettes, toxic chemicals come to your face and negatively affect blood flow. It also causes wrinkles. Alcohol is also harmful to health, especially when consumed excessively. Unhealthy diet begins with excessive alcohol consumption. If you want to maintain your youthful appearance, you should completely quit smoking and limit alcohol.

Move and do sports!

Do not neglect regular sports if you do not want to lose muscle as you get older. If you can’t do sports, take a walk outside every day. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. By increasing your movement, you can speed up your metabolism and protect your heart health. At the same time, you get a firm body by preventing sagging.

Eat healthy, detox!

Eating healthy is one of the important habits that delay aging. The foods you consume directly affect your quality of life. Therefore, you need to consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals. For example, antioxidant nutrients cleanse your body of harmful elements and ripening. In addition, healthy fats such as omega-3 keep the skin supple, strengthen the brain and heart, prevent diabetes and prolong life.

For a healthy and long life, avoid excessively fatty, processed, fried foods. Some substances, especially in foods that are subsequently heated, have a negative impact on health and accelerate aging.

One of the methods you can apply to ripening is to detox. Detox purifies your body. It gives you a clearer and brighter skin. It reduces wrinkles by regulating hormonal functions.

Sleep quality sleep!

Regular and quality sleep affects both the inside and the appearance of the body. Studies have shown that little and irregular sleep accelerates aging. Sleeping uninterruptedly for at least 8 hours is good for the skin, memory and metabolism.

Use sunscreen!

The harmful rays of the sun can cause serious disorders on the skin. It also increases wrinkles and blemishes, causing you to have an aged skin. If you do not want your skin to be damaged by the sun, you should definitely use sunscreen.

Stay away from stress!

Stress causes aging and many ailments. It negatively affects body functions and accelerates aging. Get rid of stressors in your life. Don’t do a job you don’t like, don’t go into the same environment with people who make you unhappy. Be social and get involved in events, activities. Spend more time with your loved ones and family. Thus, you will lead a happier and more quality life.

Be careful with your posture!

Posture disorders occur as you get older. Sitting incorrectly, standing for a long time, bending over cause posture disorders. In addition, being inactive for hours in front of the television and computer also causes pain caused by inactivity and posture. Poor posture makes you look old and physically damaged. By correcting your posture, you can stay stronger and more energetic.

Have sex to avoid getting old!

Experts recommend having sex at least twice a week for a long and healthy life. Sex helps you release the hormone of happiness. It reduces blood pressure, strengthens your immune system, helps you lose weight, is beneficial for the heart and allows you to sleep better.

For your beauty and to look younger you can also use;

  • Eye cream
  • Facial oil
  • Advanced creme
  • Fresh Black Tea
  • Beauty & medical aesthetic technologies
  • Anti aging skincare
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