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Firstly, European trips are always limited to capitals and historical cities. But in fact, there are places where every tourist does not flock as they enter the country, where you can rest your head while you are there, or where you will feel like you are on vacation in an exotic place or as a love island. Survivor against all odds!

While swimming in crystal waters in some, you will reach misty fairy tale lands in others.

But in any case, I am sure you will say that there are such places in Europe. We share with you a selection of the beautiful islands of Europe.

Here are the most impressive islands in Europe!

Both Creepy and Fascinating: Isle of Skye – Scotland

In the west of Scotland, we pass to the Isle of Skye. Which belongs to the Inner Hebrides archipelago, an island with a very different atmosphere.
With an average surface area of 1,700 square kilometers and a population of almost 10,000. Skye is a very quiet but unemployed island.

Because the inhabitants of the island even have a house on the most remote mountain top, in the forest, on the cliffside.
This means that every time you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, you realize that there is actually a family living nearby and you feel safe.

Isle of Skye - Scotland - Beautiful Islands Europe's
view on Portre before sunset, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skye has quite a stunning atmosphere. It is so untouched that one does not feel as if it belongs to this century. Imagine a place where phones don’t pick up and where even homes are so dignified.

Scottish wool is famous. Here, too, there are families still dealing with wool.
Skye has a very mountainous terrain built on huge cliffs. It’s pretty close to mainland Scotland. Transportation is provided by bridges or ferries.
The island takes its name from Norse mythology. Sky-a means ‘cloud island’.

Skye, one of the islands with the longest coastline in Scotland, is a magnificent address for a visual feast with its 80-kilometer-long velvet peatlands, mountains that attract attention with climbing and plateau tourism, its eerie sharp cliffs and lakes.

Isle of Skye Scotland

Activities to do

‘The Storr’ or ‘The Old Man Storr’ is an interesting rock structure.
It is located on the Trotternish Peninsula.

A steep rock structure rising to the sky on a barren land really gives a very mystical feeling. It’s like this place has a story.

Walking tours to Stor are among the most famous activities of the region. Another reef-related activity is Kilt Rock.

This is the most beautiful observation point of the island. Let’s not force you if you have a fear of heights, but this may be one of the most impressive views you’ve ever seen.

Kilt, you know, is the famous skirt worn by the Scots. This is how they named this steep slope.
The Mealt Waterfall, flowing towards the sea just under the cliff overlooking the sea. They say that the sounds coming from this hillside are quite frightening, especially on windy days. Especially if there is fog…

Dunvegan-Skye-Scotland- Beautiful Islands Europe's
Dunvegan Castle and harbour on the Island of Skye, Scotland

There are many places to visit in Skye. But finally, let us suggest a castle.

Dunvegan Castle.

Dunvegan, the most famous castle in the region, is a museum displaying very unique pieces such as a flag from the 4th century. It is said that MecLoad, the chief of this family, who is the head of the MacLeod lineage dating back to the 1200s and attaches importance to Scottish history, still lives in this castle.

Of course, there are places to see in the city of Skye, which is the center of the island. Castles, museums, art galleries, cafes and restaurants are also options for city tourism.
We suggest you to visit Three Chimneys, the most famous restaurant on the island. In this place where people come from England, it is recommended to try strange seafood such as crab, scallops and monkfish.

Island of Rocks and Mountains: Corsica – France

Now let’s reach a little north of Sardinia, its neighbor. This time we are going to a French island. Corsica Island!

Corsica Island France- Beautiful Islands Europe's
Corsica Island

This island, which shares the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, has very different landforms and cultures, although it is very close to Sardinia. But they are just as heavenly beauty.
A few days in Corsica actually promises you a lot. Trekking, snorkeling, canyoning, climbing, and more are all possible thanks to the island’s amazing landforms and geography.

Corsica has an area of 8,680 square kilometers. It has a population of 300,000.
The official language of the region is French. Everyone speaks French. But the colloquial language is called Corsican and is more like Italian.
Unlike other islands, Corsica has a very interesting silhouette. Maybe you’ve seen the colorful and tall buildings built on the cliffs rising by the sea that you’ve come across on the internet before. Here is Corsica. It looks like it’s straight out of a novel.

Unlike Sardinia, Corsica is an island with a very high altitude. It even has a mountain on it. Mount Sinto, at an altitude of 2,706 meters, forms the summit of the island. Due to this feature, mountaineering activities have developed as well as sea tourism in the region.

Corsica Island History

Corsica, like other Mediterranean islands, has survived to the present day with a multicultural structure in the hands of quite different empires. Its history dates back to the years before Christ.
In ancient times, the Phoenician colony, which was established on the Tunisian peninsula, passed from the Carthaginians to the hands of the Roman Empire. With the Treaty of Versailles in 1768, it was taken from the Genoese to the French.

Corsica also has historical significance. Ajaccio, the capital of the island, is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most important statesmen in world history. This means that when we go to Ajaccio, the first thing we do is visit the house where the famous emperor was born.
Another must-see historical structure on the island is the fortress in Bonifacio, the southernmost city. These impressive structures, located on a huge rock formation, connect narrow streets with their arches. You can feel like you are in the world of Game of Thrones.

Activities to do

If you want to hike and climb high, you can climb the magnificent mountain Aiguilles de Bavella in the Corse region of the island.
Its name means “Needles of Bavella” in Corsican. While climbing the mountain, you will come across an impressive marble statue. Named Notre Dame des Neiges, this monument means ‘Lady of the Snows’.

Corsica adds Scandola Nature Reserve to the World Heritage List. The region has a unique formation with its cliffs and huge caves, as well as being home to many sea and land creatures.
Many islets and inaccessible bays, long coastlines and red cliffs are among the most important features of the region.
It is impossible to talk about Corsica and not to mention its beaches. Palombaggia Beach is a place of idyllic poetry, with sparkling waters, jewel-like sand and rocks standing on crystal clear water. Even when people see their photos, they have a wonderful feeling. And imagine spending a week there!

Corsicans as well as French take food very seriously. Sometimes, the tables, which are not left unattended and are equipped with three different meals, become the focal point of the banquets. Of course, this is accompanied by a few glasses of Corsican wine.
Whatever the situation is in the homes of the locals, you can see the same care in the restaurants. Organic vegetables and fruits, cured meat, wine-friendly cheese… All the flavors Corsica offers to you!

Hawaii of the Atlantic Azores- Portugal

Ever heard of the Azores? If you haven’t heard, be sure to read this article because this time it’s time for the Azores, also known as Europe’s tea garden, on our list of the most beautiful islands in Europe!

Azores Island - Portugal- Beautiful Islands Europe's
Beautiful Islands Europe's 4 Most 1

The Azores are an archipelago of nine islands located off the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago, which is 2300 square kilometers in size, is called an autonomous region even though it is connected to Portugal.
They are 1500 kilometers from Lisbon. So it is quite far from the mainland.
The official language of the island is Portuguese, and the population of 241 thousand people living here is almost entirely Portuguese.

Marvelous Azores Island History

Discovered in 1439, the Azores is home to one of the most important trading ports of the 19th century. This port is located in the city of Angra do Heroismo on Terceira, the second most populated island of the Azores.
Thanks to its famous port, the city has become a meeting point of different cultures, especially after the 19th century.

It hosted ships from Africa, India, America, and Asia.
Angra do Heroismo is on the UNESCO World Heritage List with the 400-year-old fortifications of San Sebastião and San João Baptista, considered to be the most important examples of military architecture.

You should definitely see the Angra do Heroismo Museum, which is actually an old monastery if you happen to be in the Azores.
Apart from the historical importance of Angra do Heroismo, it is its natural beauties and geological features that make the Azores Islands attractive for tourists. The Azores Islands are home to volcanic mountains.

Lagoa de Fogo crater lake, located on the old volcanic mountain of the Agua de Pau Massif in Sao Miguel, the most populated and largest island of the Azores, is a beauty that everyone would want to see.

Furnas, on the same island, is the most dangerous volcano region of the Azores, but it is also one of the most frequented spots for tourists. Because there are many thermal facilities here. Also, the small village of Furnas is ideal for nature walks.

Another interesting point of the Azores is Lagoa das Sete Cidades. This twin lake, which means “Lagoon of the Seven Cities” in Portuguese, is located in the crater of the volcano.

According to a legend, these twin lakes were formed by the tears of two lovers. Princess Antilia and the shepherd whose father did not allow them to marry… Legends aside, Lagoa das Sete Cidades offers one of the most beautiful views you will ever see in the world!

Wonderful Activities to do

Finally, if you want to climb Pico Mountain, Portugal’s highest mountain with a height of 2 thousand 352 meters, Pico Island awaits you!
This mountain is a mountain that has been the subject of many poems and stories.

Pico Island is also famous for its vineyards promoted by UNESCO

You can’t talk about the Azores and not talk about their food, because this place has beautiful and strange flavors that you can’t find anywhere else. The first of these is Azores Cheese.

Azores cheese is actually made differently on each island in the archipelago! So each island has its own unique cheese.

Whichever island you visit, be sure to try their cheese.

Now I’m coming with a flavor suggestion that doesn’t appeal to the general public like cheese. Barnacles, known as leeches, are a famous food in the Azores. It is blended with special sauces. Presented in front of you in a not very heartwarming way.

The muffin-like pastry called Bolos Levedos is also one of the famous flavors of the region.

Finally, the city of Furnas, located on the island of Sao Miguel, has a unique flavor to the region.
Taking advantage of the hot steam rising from the geysers in the region, the locals cook ‘cozido’, or stew, here.

If you are planning a trip full of natural beauties, you should definitely add the Azores to your options.

It is possible to reach the islands by direct flights from Lisbon and Porto, as well as by very enjoyable cruises, even if it costs a little money.

Exotic Host of Mythology: Corfu Island – Greece

Corfu Island – Greece- Beautiful Islands Europe's
The Old Fortress is a Venetian fortress in the city of Corfu.

Greece is the country with the most islands in Europe. Surrounded by the magnificent waters of the Aegean, these islands are perhaps the favorite holiday destination of European tourists.

Islands such as Mykonos and Santorini are already very famous islands on the Aegean Sea side of the country.
I would like to introduce you to an island off the coast of the Ionian Sea in western Greece. This island, which is very close to the Albanian border, is Corfu Island…

The city of Corfu, which gave its name to the island, is the most important city in the region. Corfu, also called Kerkyra, is a fascinating holiday destination with its crystal clear waters. In fact, to call it a holiday destination would be less impressive.

The homeland of many stories about Greek mythology, Corfu has been described as one of the most fascinating addresses of pastoralism for centuries.

The region, which has been fought for capture throughout history, is still like a hidden paradise today.
Corfu means ‘hill’ in Greek. The silhouette of the city is formed by the two hills it owns.

Corfu – Greece
beautiful beach porto timoni near agios stefanos, corfu island, greece

There are also two fortresses built on top of the hills. These are castles built to protect the region from Ottoman occupation.
The historical city is located between two hills. Beautiful weather most of the year, clear sea, lush nature, colorful balconies, untouched stone houses are all that Corfu has.

Activities to do

The most popular beach of the region is the Sidari Canal. The rock rising in the middle of the channel gives the region a very impressive feature. Just like every famous place has a legend, this one too. It is said that the lovers who swim between these channels get married in a short time.

Another tourist spot of the region is the Achilles Palace (Achilleion). Located in Gastouri Village, this magnificent palace was built in 1890 for Princess Sisi of Austria. For this reason, it is also known as the Sisi Palace.

Even the garden of the palace is worth seeing. At the entrance of the palace, there is a huge statue of Achilles trying to remove the arrow that was shot in his foot.

Although Corfu is an island in its own right, it is a large island. Therefore, the tiny islets around it are also connected to it.

While you are in Corfu, there are islets that you can easily visit with small boats. Kanoni and Mouse Island are two of these islets.

They are one of the most beautiful photo areas of the region. Even a small chapel built in the 27th century is located on these tiny islets. In fact, according to mythology, this islet was the ship of Ulysses.

Cape Drastis is one of the most beautiful bays of Corfu. Located in the northwest of the island, this hidden village makes you feel as if you are in heaven with its golden sands and a crescent-shaped appearance.

If you want to go to Corfu and visit a museum, I definitely recommend the Corfu Asian Art Museum. The museum, where artifacts from many periods up to prehistoric times can be seen, arouses admiration as a structure on its own.

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