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We all want to be happy and enjoy life. So what can we do for this? Are our choices decisive for happiness? In our opinion, yes! Now, as “Social Effects”, we offer you advice to be happy.

First, it is helpful to identify the situations that cause unhappiness. Maybe you feel unhappy about a job you should have done but postponed. You can get up and mother yourself to solve that waiting job. How?

See your procrastinating side as your inner child. Visualize your strength as a supportive mother. Talk to yourself like you would approach a child, calm him down and hold his hand and give strength… Sometimes, just doing this is an important step to being happy.

Smile when you wake up to be happy!

Technology makes our lives easier; we accept this. However, if we do not adjust the dose well, it causes unhappiness. Now think about it: What do you do first when you wake up? Unfortunately, it’s not a very good habit if you’re looking at social media right away.

When we wake up, our minds are clear, learning is easier than ever. Also, our morning routine affects the flow of our day. Therefore, instead of looking at the phone immediately when you wake up, prefer to look in the mirror and smile at yourself. If your goal is to be happy, get good habits.

Inhale happiness with deep breaths!

Really, be happy One of the most useful methods for breathing is to take deep, clean breaths early in the morning or in the middle of the day. In fact, you can reduce stress and increase happiness by performing a ritual like the one below.

As you take a deep breath, say: “I am attracting abundance, health, and happiness into my life.”

Now, as you exhale, say: “I’m letting go of fear, anxiety, stress, and unhappiness.”

You can use this application whenever you need to feel happy. It will be much more beneficial, especially if you can do it with your eyes closed and in a quiet environment.

Being happy and eating have something to do with it!

Sometimes, we may feel unhappy just because we are hungry and thirsty. So what is the solution to being happy? Filling our stomach with healthy, natural foods and drinking a glass of water every hour! These recommendations may seem very simple to you right now, but don’t decide without trying!

Many people who do not have the habit of drinking water say that they feel more fit and happy after they start drinking water regularly. You want to give it to yourself with a glass of water; Isn’t it?

Being happy, felicitousness Here are our 5 quick tips for:

  1. See photos of nature and flowers, they will make you happy.
  2. Watch funny cat and dog videos online.
  3. Open a 15-minute take a walk.
  4. Call a loved one and talk to them.
  5. Eat a pack of dark chocolate slowly.

May happiness shower on you with a warm shower!

This must be getting wet in the rain of happiness! Taking a shower with calm, warm water provides both mental and physical relaxation. Even if you come home from work very tired, you still see yourself as a child and take your hand and take it to the bathroom.

Take a calm shower with fragrant soaps and shampoos. In fact, give your body a good scrub with a scrub or washcloth. This accelerates blood circulation and helps you feel more fit. As you can see, sometimes even taking a warm shower can make a difference to being happy. Give yourself a chance.

You can write yourself a letter of appreciation!

Unfortunately, we criticize ourselves very easily due to the environment we grew up in. But we don’t even think to appreciate it. When this is the case, we can feel unhappy and inadequate. However, if we pay attention, we do many admirable things throughout the day.

Would you take a pen and paper and write a letter to yourself? Think about and write down your achievements that day or throughout your life, from the simplest to the most difficult… Read it out loud when the letter is finished. You will see, you are stronger and more capable than you think. Knowing this will increase your level of happiness.

Use Turkish coffee to be happy!

The scent of Turkish coffee makes many people happy. Maybe you are one of them. If so, you can gift yourself a cup of happiness. Did you know, there are Turkish coffees in different flavors. Strawberry, mastic, chocolate, melon… Use the effect of scents on happiness.

If you wish, you can make Turkish coffee with cinnamon at home. Both taste and smell make us happy. We, as the “High Heels” team, are working hard to prepare good news for you. When we take a break in the afternoon, we drink Turkish coffee with cinnamon and we are really happy.

High Heels has a suggestion for you:

Do more of what makes you happy 🙂

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