Urinary Incontinence - An Important Health Problem - Social Effects
Urinary incontinence
Urinary incontinence - An important health problem 1

Urinary incontinence, unfortunately, is a very important quality of life problem that is frequently seen especially in women. Roughly one in three women experience urinary incontinence. However, the size of this problem can be very different. In severe cases, we can see skin irritation with urine-soaked pads in women who have to carry constant pads. Fungal and bacterial infections may also develop.

May be accompanied by other complaints. Frequent urination, urgency, getting up frequently at night to urinate, burning during urination or intermittent urination, inability to urinate, inability to empty completely can be counted among these complaints.


Incontinence can take many different forms; It can be seen when laughing, coughing, lifting heavy, playing sports. Another type is the inability to reach the toilet, which is usually more common with age or the existing complaint gets worse, almost continuous urine flow is mentioned. Some women have both types of incontinence together. May occur during sleep. This problem is not only seen in childhood. It can also occur in adult women. A very troublesome situation is urinary incontinence during intercourse.

If the fullness of the bladder is not noticed, urinary incontinence may occur with overflow. Abnormal openings between the urinary tract and reproductive system organs, which occur congenitally or as a complication of surgery, also cause urinary incontinence in the form of continuous urine flow. It is clear that the causes of these very different types are also very different. Therefore, a detailed investigation of urinary incontinence and other associated complaints is essential to reach an accurate diagnosis. Often, this is not enough just to listen to history. Examination findings, laboratory tests are also required.

Prolapse of the reproductive organs, which is often associated with urinary incontinence, should also be evaluated at this stage and should be taken into account in the selection of the treatment method.


There are different treatment methods. The patient’s complaints, examination findings, laboratory results and the physician’s experience are effective in the selection of the appropriate method. Treatment options range from simple to more complex; behavioral treatments, healthy lifestyles, exercises and other physical therapy methods, drug therapy and surgical treatment. Surgery is always the last option.


Can sometimes be the first symptom of very important neurological diseases, such as difficulties in urination. Evaluation is important in this regard, especially in cases of sudden onset of urinary incontinence. Such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, diseases known as ‘CVA’ with clots or bleeding in the brain, spinal cord diseases…


Unfortunately, yes. It is more common if the mother and sister have urinary incontinence. Difficult and traumatic vaginal deliveries, the birth of large babies, major operations on the reproductive organs and radiotherapy in this region are among the factors in history.

Of course, there are measures for protection. These healthy behavioral patterns are; Starting with the prevention of obesity with the appropriate amount and shape of beverages, it also includes muscle exercises in the relevant region.

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